How to boost your productivity during lockdown…

When it comes to finding the best productivity app, methodology or tools for 'getting stuff done', I think I've pretty much tried everything over the years. Every time management methodology, every to-do app, every promise of 'do this one thing at the start of every day and it will transform your life'.... I concluded some… Continue reading How to boost your productivity during lockdown…

Fifty Sustainable Menswear Labels: Hiut Denim

Ok so I'm a sucker for a good story...and Hiut Denim is a good story. In brief, Hiut have a mission to restore clothes manufacturing to the town of Cardigan in Wales: Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 good people. 400 of them used to make jeans. They made 35,000 pairs a week. For three… Continue reading Fifty Sustainable Menswear Labels: Hiut Denim

Second-hand Style Challenge: The White Polo

Encouraged my first attempt at buying secondhand clothes for a more sustainable approach to my wardrobe, I set out on my next challenge. This time I wanted to find a white polo shirt. I've noticed that polo shirts in particular seemed to age quickly, particularly around the collars. My current white polo had definitely seen… Continue reading Second-hand Style Challenge: The White Polo

40 ways to keep your clothes looking amazing

I've learned that striving for sustainable fashion involves a lot more than just buying from eco-fashion brands. It starts with making the most of the clothes you already have and that includes making them last longer. My own style of dressing is fairly minimalist, in the main just leveraging plain staple items. For that reason,… Continue reading 40 ways to keep your clothes looking amazing

Second-hand Style Challenge: The Overhead Shirt

When I decided a few months ago that I needed to find a more sustainable approach to menswear and fashion, I initially just focused on finding sustainable clothing brands. What I didn't realise at the time, as I described in my recent post, was how important second-hand clothing is to the whole sustainable fashion idea.… Continue reading Second-hand Style Challenge: The Overhead Shirt